Kevin Knox 21 Points Full Highlights (2/1/2019)

DTB is not feeling very well right now. For lunch he had a sus shrimp po’boy and he’s pretty sure that’s why he feels all tingly, lightheaded, and woozy. Shrimp was a bad idea because you know there’s not gonna be decent seafood in Wisconsin. Anyway, the po’boy feels like it wants to make a reappearance back out the orifice through which it originally entered, so DTB will be calling it quits tonight. Send prayers his way that his tummy feels better by tomorrow.

I will leave you with some disjointed thoughts about Kevin Knox since you aren’t reading this description to find out which physical maladies affect me:

-The Knicks must be pretty high on Knox if they were willing to trade Kristaps away
-Knox had the same amount of points as field goals in this game. Make of that what you will
-My tummy really really hurts
-It honestly appears that Knox has no hair anywhere on his body other than the top of his head, however, it’s unlikely I will ever be close enough to his physical person to verify this
-I’m just now finding out that Knox isn’t even in the rising stars game during All-Star weekend. It’s not the biggest snub of the whole All-Star thing, but it’s still a snub
-New York pizza is disgusting and shouldn’t be advertised as food

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