Malik Monk 20 Points Full Highlights (2/1/2019)

I don’t even know exactly what happened at the end of this Hornets-Grizzlies game, some bad stuff involving the refs, but why do Grizzlies fans care? They want to be losing at this point, so is it so bad that the refs blatantly cost them the game? No. It isn’t. Under a utilitarian model of ethics, the most ethical course of action to take is the one that increases total happiness by the most. So the refs were actually acting ethically, because the joy Hornets fans received for actually winning a close game and not choking far outweighs whatever negative emotions Grizzlies fans shouldn’t even have for losing.

The quality of reffing supposedly has taken a downturn this season, but I’m not seeing it. That is me speaking from my position of privilege as a fan of the best team in the league (Bucks-fan privilege is real and I definitely need to check it), I understand that. That doesn’t mean that everyone doesn’t need to stop being a bunch of whiners. If you want something where there isn’t any conceivable interference from officials, watch, uh, I don’t know. The NFL or something. I can’t think of any controversies regarding them at all lately.

None of this has anything to do with Malik Monk, and I’m sorry. I just don’t have much to say about this dude that hasn’t already been said. Props to him, I guess, for not being hated as much by advanced stats this year. That means he’s improving, and I bet he can start averaging 20 ppg for the Hornets once Kemba Walker leaves for greener pastures. That was a veiled reference to the Bucks, by the way. Greener. Bucks. Get it?

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