Trae Young 28 Points/9 Assists Full Highlights (2/1/2019)

I’ve been paying real close attention, and I don’t think I’ve seen even one person complain that Trae Young was snubbled for the three-point shootout during All-Star weekend. There have been a lot of other complaints involving a lot of other snubs (I agree, Davis Bertans definitely should’ve been an invited), but not even one for our favorite Hawks rookie who isn’t Kevin Huerter. So let me be the first: can you believe that Adam Silver snubbed Trae Young so hard when selecting the competitors for the three point contest? There. I did it. Sounds fine to me. Nothing wrong with that sentiment at all.

If the NBA isn’t going to recognize the talents of Young, maybe they need a new event: a four-point shootout. Grab some tape, and make a new line 10 feet beyond the normal three-point arc. Have people shoot from there instead. This would mean going back into the seats for the corner threes, but that would add to the challenge. Can you make this super deep three while some buttmunch is taking his nacho chips, covering them in the cheese, and trying to make new patterns on the triangular Hawks jerseys by adhering them to the fabric? Now that would be entertainment. Stephen Curry would still win, but it would be something Young could definitely excel at.

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