Bobby Portis 33 Points Full Highlights (2/2/2019)

Bobby Portis absolutely torched the Hornets in the first half, scoring 28 points from all areas of the court. Using the fantastic powers of your human brain, apply the concepts of mathematics to figure out how many points he scored in the second half, knowing that information as well as the knowing the title of the video. Take your time. This test is not graded, but it does affect which colleges you will be able to get into.

If you’re feeling like that question isn’t exactly fair, I’ll make it a multiple-choice question. Here are your choices for how many points Portis scored in the second half:

A.) 5
B.) 4
C.) 28
D.) 0
E.) Bobby Portis
F.) 33
G.) All of the above

Again, no rush. Think about it carefully. Do not rush into a choice. Not to give away the answer, but I think the Hornets must have changed their game plan to account for Portis suddenly dominating, because his second half did not equal his first half in terms of excitement. Damn these genius coaches and their ability to make in-game adjustments! We were robbed of a seriously sick highlight video tonight.

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