Bojan Bogdanovic 31 Points Full Highlights (2/2/2019)

This is not only the highest scoring game for Bojan Bogdanovic in a Pacers uniform, it’s also the second-highest point total of his career, bested only by that 44-point game he had in his second year in the league. He’s had a bunch of 29-point games since then, but this is the first in the 30-to-39 range.

I’ve alluded to this before, but I’ll reiterate: I would consider this game to be his TRUE career-high. That fluky 44-point game doesn’t really count, because he has shown that he is 100 percent incapable of replicating it. The point of career-highs isn’t to mark the most points you’ve ever scored in your career, contrary to popular belief. The real point of career-highs is to show the amount of points you can score in a regular, non-outlier game. For example, this makes Kobe’s true career-high 44 instead of 81.

With the way Bogdanovic can score the ball, it definitely feels like he should be getting this kind of pointage regularly. Is he still being held down, somehow, even after all these years. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was currently inhabiting some sort of anti-Euro zone where he isn’t used to his strengths because NBA coaches only know how to deal with AAU iso chucker hero ball.

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