Gerald Green 25 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (2/2/2019)

The Rockets are James Harden now. It’s been building for a while, but this is the year I feel like every other Rocket aside from him is utterly irrelevant, a background actor in the movie of Harden’s scoring insanity. Even Chris Paul, the supposed best PG of our generation. Do you hear anything about him anymore? I barely realized he came back from injury, because the sun-like glow emanating from Harden’s beard blinds the viewer to everyone but himself.

With all that said, Gerald Green attempted to distinguish himself tonight by scoring 25 points and hitting a whole bunch of threes. I don’t know if his attempt to make himself visible worked, maybe it didn’t, because I’ve done like a dozen videos before this one. If he was on a team that wasn’t a one-man show, like the Wizards or something, I would’ve been way quicker with this one. In reality, I didn’t cognize that he had this many points until embarrassingly late. My devotion to role-players remains steadfast and my will to make videos remains iron, but Harden is intriguing me right now. He almost got a frickin’ five-by-five, god damn.

Look at that, the whole description was actually about Harden, not Green. I’m so sorry. What’s happening to me?

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