Kenneth Faried 17 Points Full Highlights (2/4/2019)

If you thought that Kenneth Faried’s three-point make during his first game with the Rockets was a sign of things to come (as I did), you were wrong. Since that game, he has taken three more triples, and missed them all. Not so bad given the small sample size, since he’s still 1 for 6 (probably better than Giannis), but I guess even Mike D’Antoni has limits on who gets to take them. Who knew? Honestly, I was kinda excited to see a “three-and-dunk” version of Faried instead of the plain “only dunk” version.

The “only dunk” version is still pretty good though. Nothing wrong with that at all. Theoretically, he should now be dunking it twice as often now that he has both James Harden AND Chris Paul passing it to him. 16 points a game just on dunks is my estimation, which may be low. And if you add in the free points he gets because he’s constantly hustling for offensive rebounds, that’s 20 ppg right there. No problem.

If he wants to get there, he’ll probably have to ask Harden to not chuck up so many iso threes. Which means it won’t happen, because Faried won’t ask, and if he did, Harden would tell him to screw off and come back to when he was about to win MVP by averaging almost 40 points per game.

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