Aaron Holiday 17 Points Full Highlights (2/5/2019)

First off: does that thumbnail not look anything like Aaron Holiday or is it just me? I have a picture in my mental database of what Holiday is supposed to look like (like his brothers, basically), but this, this looks like Yogi Ferrell. Do I have some sort of prosopagnosia that is just now manifesting itself? Off to WebMD for me!

Second off: unlike Edmond Sumner’s 17 points, some of these 17 points by Holiday were scoring during a part of the game where the outcome was still (somewhat) in doubt. He played a big part in further demoralizing NoDefense “LeBron” SuckBalls and the Lackers during the start of the second quarter with his improbable scoring prowess.

Third off: please, please please please, displace Darren Collison as the Pacers’ starting PG. Please. I understand that Collison is a great game manager, a solid vet to hold things steady, but he just makes me mad. He doesn’t have any fans, Holiday already has way more than him. No one would care if the switch was made, who cares if they would probably lose five more games just from that alone? I wouldn’t, and I’m the only one here whose opinion matters.

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