Dennis Smith Jr. 25 Points Full Highlights (2/5/2019)

Behold: a new era of Knicks basketball! This one is for real this time. If you didn’t like the Toney Douglas era, the Toure’ Murry era, the Langston Galloway era, the Jimmer Fredette era, the Sasha Vujacic era, or the Ron Baker era, fear not! This new Dennis Smith Jr. era will be way better than all those other eras. We can finally say, with final finality, that the Knicks have found their PG of the future. Definitely. One-hundred percent. Indubitably.

This new era got off to a shaky start, with DSJ only scoring 8, but we can attribute that to nerves and unfamiliarity with his new teammates (except for the ones he dragged with him from Dallas). Once he got his legs under him, he looked fine: 25 points on 25 shots tonight! That, by my math, means he scored a point every time he shot the ball. Sounds good to me! I don’t know how a player can be expected to do better than that. In soccer, that would be elite.

I’m excited. Not excited enough to watch Knicks games unless the promise to bench DeAndre Jordan and play Luke Kornet 48 minutes per game, but excited enough to maybe think about doing so before turning on a different game. That’s way better than before, where every time I thought about the Knicks an image of Emmanuel Mudiay would flash before my eyes and dissuade me.

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