Jeremy Lamb 22 Points Full Highlights (2/5/2019)

Jeremy Lamb has been playing pretty well as a starter this season. For a long time I maintained that he could be the Hornets’ second option behind Kemba Walker, and guess what? I was right. He might be one of the least-potent “second options” in the league, but it’s not a total disaster, and the Hornets are on their way to a playoff spot, so they’re doing more things right than most of the teams in the East.

Lamb is a free agent after this season and I’m sure that there will be multiple teams who get skipped over by all the big-name free agencies and want to give him a huge contract. Will the Hornets make a big offer to keep him around? I would recommend against it, given that they’re already loaded with bad contracts and that Lamb doesn’t raise their low ceiling by that much. He can go get overpaid by some other team.

There’s only one day left to make trades, so a trade could theoretically go down involving Lamb, but the Hornets just traded Malik Monk so that seems unlikely right now, given that you need at least one starting-quality shooting guard on the roster. The most likely scenario is that the Hornets let Lamb walk for nothing, which isn’t the worst thing in the world. I can think of many worse things that Jordan could do in this situation. Like trade for Ian Mahinmi. Or change the uniforms to just be Hanes tighty-wighties.

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