Mitchell Robinson 13 Points Full Highlights (2/5/2019)

The problem with being a dunking-only bigman is that, if your teammates don’t feel like getting you the ball where you can do something with it, you don’t get to score any points. That’s part of the reason a player like Rudy Gobert, who is somewhat reliant on feeds from other players, isn’t quite as valuable as the stats suggest (still should’ve been an All-Star though). The value of being able to create your own shot (I guess offensive rebounds count) is a skill that efficiency stats just don’t capture.

At the same time, you don’t want an Andre Drummond scenario where he got tired of being a dunking-only bigman and tried to add a horrible post game to his repertoire. So good on Mitchell Robinson for sticking with what he does best, which is using his ridiculous wingspan to catch lobs.

He had 13 quick points tonight, tying a career-high with a whole bunch of the second quarter still left to go, and then that was it. DeAndre Jordan is taking some of his minutes, sure, but at a certain point the lobs dried up. Was it a defensive adjustment from the Pistons? I don’t understand the concepts of defense and what you would need to adjust, but I could believe it. Sucks for Robinson, though. And for me, because I was getting really hyped for him scoring 20 possibly.

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