Myles Turner 22 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (2/5/2019)

Myles Turner is the league’s leading shotblocker, both in terms of raw blocks and blocks per game. And that’s in only 28 minutes per game. If he played a full 36, his dominance would be even more pronounced. As it is, the league is kinda lacking in a single player who is way above everyone else in that category (what ever happened to Serge Ibaka oh yeah he’s like 10 years older than advertised). Good on Turner, though. He’s made his shot-blocking part of his identity, with the help of that Pacers commentator who groans “smothered chicken” all the time.

His block on Kuzma’s ill-advised dunk attempt might be one of the blocks of the year. I don’t keep track of such things, but it is, at least, the best one I’ve seen so far. Which gets me to thinking, if I make a video for the best dunks of the year, why not one with the best blocks of the year? That would be a sick video, but the answer is that I would then have to look at all the blocks that have happened this season and that would take way too long. So sorry if I got your hopes up for a brief moment there. Just wait for the official NBA video, it’ll be fine, if not as fast-paced (seriously NBA you gotta up the intensity levels on those videos we demand quicker and more jarring cuts).

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