Joe Ingles 15 Points/11 Assists Full Highlights (2/6/2019)

OFFICIAL DTB REMINDER to Australian viewers of my videos: there is a constitutional mandate in your home country of Australia which requires you to watch at least one (1) Joe Ingles highlight video for day. Even on days when Joe Ingles has not played a game. You have to go on YouTube (or another video-sharing platform) and search for Joe Ingles videos and watch one of them. If you fail to do this, not only are you breaking the law, but you’re demonstrating your hatred for Australia, and you’re also subtly undermining the sense of shared Australian pride which is essential to societal cohesion.

I have done you a big favor here by uploading a Joe Ingles highlight video which you have not seen before. It contains entirely new Joe Ingles footage which your eyes have not yet seen. Now is the perfect time to fulfill the requirements made of you by your own constitution (a constitution you implicitly support due to your residency in the island/country/continent/dictatorship of Australia). If this video fails to get views numbering in the millions, as would be expected of a video which the vast majority of Australians should be watching, I will go over there myself and set up a projector in the Sydney Opera House which plays Joe Ingles highlight videos on repeat. That way, nobody will have an excuse not to do their part as an Australian citizen.

I also want to pet a wallaby because they look cute. When I step off the airplane there better be wallabies just bouncing around or at least in cages for me to cuddle.

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