Kris Dunn 18 Points/8 Assists Full Highlights (2/6/2019)

Kris “The Dunnwich Horror” Dunn apparently has a “pelvis contusion” right now and is day-to-day. I had to look up what “contusion” is because do I look like a doctor to you? After doing some seriously in-depth research, I found out that contusion is when you contuse something. So Kunn contused his pelvis. Since I also don’t know what “contuse” means, that triggered another long session of typing unparsable, overly long questions into the Googs in order to find out more. At the end of this rabbit hole, I think I found out what a pelvis contusion is.

It means he banged a chick too hard and he hurt his crotch bone. Not the boner bone, but the thing behind the boner bone. When he smashed that girl, he also smashed his pelvis. This is my assumption anyway. There’s no way you could hurt that part of your body without the injury being sexual in nature. It’s not like somebody could throw a basketball at your…area…and do anything other than blow up your scrotum.

This “contusion” thingy didn’t stop Dunn from going out and dominating the fourth quarter of this game. I’m really stretching the term “dominating” to its absolute limit here because he had, like, eleven points and maybe two assists in the quarter. So he didn’t really take over or dominate, but he kind of did because if he did that for the whole game, he would score 44 points, and nobody would argue that 44 points isn’t a dominating amount of points. Not bad for somebody who probably is still walking a little funny.

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