Robin Lopez 18 Points Full Highlights (2/9/2019)

Stacey King is really reaching deep into the annals of NBA history with the long-past Chicago centers he brings up whenever Robin Lopez does anything. He’s starting to reuse names now, but this is the first time I’m hearing of “Earl Cureton”, who played half a season with MJ back in the day. If he’s pulling these out of his head on the fly while trying to also commentate intelligently on the game, good for him, but I’m guessing he just writes down a bunch before the game after trawling through past Bulls rosters on basketball-reference.

What I want to see him do is start ironically incorporating some newer centers into his shtick. “Aaron Gray would be proud” would, frankly, be a hilarious thing to say during a live broadcast, and it would make watching Bulls games 10% more tolerable. “Omer Asik would be proud”? Another great line, but maybe a bit too close to home given his unexpected transformation into a skeleton, trade back to the Bulls, and subsequent waivement at the beginning of this season. Luke Schenscher would be another good one to throw in there. Do yourself a favor and look him up. His mop of red hair is wild. I would have loved to watch him play.

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