Wesley Johnson 14 Points Full Highlights (2/9/2019)

For the past few seasons, it’s been easy to forget that Wes Johnson is in the league at all. For being a complete draft bust whose only use has been to be a warm body on the court that can’t score and doesn’t look to score (his points per 36 being under ten reflects that), he’s had impressive longevity. But longevity doesn’t equate to notoriety. It only equates to longevity.

In his Wizards debut, Johnson scored two points. This was a success for him because I assumed that he wasn’t going to play at all for the team. He is, after all, just a musclier, but worse, version of Trevor Ariza. When the trade was made, I assumed it was because Markieff Morris wasn’t going to take kindly to having two incoming power forwards, Parker and Portis, take all of his minutes away. The Wizards were just looking for any team that would take on the injured Morris twin and pounced on the best offer they got, which was Mr. Useless here.

However, Johnson utterly surpassed my low expectations for him by scoring fourteen points. That’s not a lot in the context of his career (he’s had 59 games at fifteen points or above), but it’s a lot in the context of his recent career. I’ll be curious to see if this is a one-time anomaly or if he’ll actually get consistent minutes and a consistent role going forward. It’s far too late for him to not be a bust, but it’s not too late for him to be a solid enough veteran that he doesn’t completely sabotage the Wizards’ playoff aspirations through his passive play.

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