Jeff Green 23 Points Full Highlights (2/13/2019)

There’s a lot NBA highlight channels these days. Way, way more than when I started this fool’s errand. I’ve lost track of all the ones that keep springing up, of all the ones that had once sprung up but have now unsprung themselves back into oblivion (and I swear a few of them, like my old channel, got taken out by shady copyright strikes). But I do know that there’s one thing that they all have in common:

They aren’t making Jeff Green highlights.

Come on, you cowards. It won’t hurt you to make just one Jeff Green video. Even if you know no one is going to watch it. Save DownToBuck the trouble, huh? DTB is devoted to the cause of scrubs and role-players, but sometimes he could use a night off from having to make yet another vid of Green scoring 20 uninspiring points.

I will say that this is actually a pretty sweet scoring display by Green. Better than usual, some nice turnaround jumpers. And look at that thumbnail! I think this is the first time, no joke, no hyperbole, in the whole history of the NBA that he has SMILED while on the court. If someone has evidence of him smiling prior to this game, you can show it, but I’m not going to believe it because it’s easier than ever to Photoshop things.

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