John Jenkins 14 Points Full Highlights (2/14/2019)

I haven’t made a John Jenkins highlight video for three and a half years. I also haven’t really thought about John Jenkins in that amount of time, but he’s always been lurking back there in the deep, disturbed depths of my brain. Half-thought fragments like “John Jenkins could still be good” and “John Jenkins could help a lot of teams with his shooting” regularly appear on the edge of my consciousness. And now, those strange inklings that have taken root in my skull full of synaptical gravy are being proven correct. Jenkings is still good! And he can help teams with his shooting!

This dude is only two games into this Knicks career, but he’s already scored 21 points for them. He’s got quite a bit of competition at the shooting guard spot (Dotson and Trier especially – good thing they bought out Wes Matthews), so he’ll need to earn his minutes going forward. Given how much faith I have had in this guy ever since he entered the league, I don’t think that should be a problem as long as he doesn’t get frozen out of the offense.

I mean, when I go to the gym, I STILL do the “37-point drill”, simply because I saw a video of John Jenkins doing it. In that sense, he’s part of the reason that I’m such a good shooter. You can watch the video for yourself and see if it inspires you the same way it inspired me:

Watching that video, in combination with this video where Jenkins displays his jumpshooting mastery, makes me want to forget about highlights for tonight and just hit up the gym and shoot shots.

Oh wait, I might have gotten my links messed up. Here’s the correct link:

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