Terrence Ross 21 Points Full Highlights (2/14/2019)

I don’t get it. The Magic have won five straight now (some of them, like this one, being blowouts), and it’s not like they beat up on bottom-of-the-barrel teams to do it:


Did trading for Markelle Fultz unlock some secret motivation inside the Magic players? Did trading Jonathon Simmons away have a huge positive effect because he was secretly a locker room cancer? Are the Magic’s opponents affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder which the Magic players, being based in Florida, are immune to?

Terrence Ross has been a big part of this winning streak if you ignore his three-point game against the Pelicans. Every game he scores twenty strengthens his case for 6MOTY of the year. If the Magic make the playoffs, we’ll be able to say with a straight face “Terrence Ross was an important part of a playoff team” and not even be lying.

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