Mitchell Robinson 17 Points/6 Blocks Full Highlights (2/26/2019)

Is there a stat for blocked three-pointers? The stat for blocked shots in general, from any distance, is comically easy to track down. Even my impatient, unintelligent self can find that stat with only minimal difficulty. But is there any place that keeps track of the distance of the blocked shot?

I only ask this because I’m pretty sure (“pretty sure” meaning between 99% and 100% sure) that Mitchell Robinson would be easily leading the league in this stat, if it existed. Three-pointers just don’t get blocked all that often, especially by centers, since they won’t often roam out of the paint that far. For example, I only clearly remember one such occurrence in all my years of Bucks fandom, when Larry Sanders denied Antawn Jamison’s three-point attempt. There may have been others, but however many there were, I’m sure the total didn’t even come close to the total that Robinson must have this season.

I would also feel confident in saying that Robinson is close to the top of the league in headbands per 36, at 1.000. The only players who could beat him are players who change their headbands at halftime. Robinson is truly a multifaceted player.

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