Paul Millsap 33 Points Full Highlights (3/14/2019)

I’ve been dissing Paul Millsap for the whole time he’s been on the Nuggets, and I will continue to diss him until I’m all dissed out (and if he robs Nikola Jokic of a title this year by being himself, I’m not going to be dissed out for a long time). But there’s no question that he is being marginalized in Denver. I don’t care that he’s being marginalized, like I do for all the other players on my channel, but it definitely is happening. He was an All-Star just two years ago, and now he’s averaging only 13 points per game? His scoring rate isn’t too far off what it used to be, but his minutes are way down despite him being, supposedly, a winning player.

So here’s my idea: trade Millsap to a team where he can be the man again. Everyone wins. Millsap gets to be an All-Star again on the Cavaliers or Suns or whatever, and the Nuggets don’t have to worry about him messing up their championship hopes by existing. I may not have proof or evidence that Millsap is messing up the Nuggets, but believe me. He is. So he needs to go, and I bet he wants to go. The trade deadline is apparently a real thing that cannot be circumvented (my emails to Adam Silver begging for an exemption so the Bucks could trade for Thon Maker so they could trade him away again went unanswered, but the silence told me all I needed to know), so it’s looking likely that the Nuggets will have to ride this one out, perhaps helping things by marginalizing him even harder than before. Hopefully they can at least make the WCF before Millsap ruins everything.

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