Dwight Powell 21 Points/4 Blocks Full Highlights (3/26/2019)

Okay, I just for my last Maxi Kleber video made a list of possible Dirk replacements for the Mavs, in the event that Dirk retires which I absolutely do not believe but that’s neither here nor there. So I made a big list, but I forgot one of the most promising Dirk-esque players on Dallas’ roster: Dwight Powell!

Here’s the deal: Powell is a beast. Dirk is a beast. BOOM. Dirk, consider yourself replaced. Powell has been one of the Mavericks’ best players for a few seasons now. Not really in terms of scoring, but that’s a stupid way to determine who’s best. We’re talking about consistency. And rebounding. Alley oops? I don’t know how the “offensive rating” thing on basketball-reference works, not even a little bit but it frickin’ loves Powell. That must be a good thing. How could it be a bad thing? Offensive is good. Having a higher number when it comes to something offense-related is good. He was first in the league in it (whatever it is, who cares, jeez) last year, and again this year.

Just saying, the Celtics really messed up by getting rid of this guy. The Ainge jerk-off sesh hasn’t been as intense or sensual this year, since Boston is struggling, but there’s still too many dudes hanging onto his nut hairs. But they had Powell, just had him sitting there on the roster, and they just gave up on him. They didn’t even try to make him good. And now they’re paying the price. Which team is closer to a championship right now? That’s right, Dallas. Yup. We’re going there. They’re the ones with the superstar, the former MVP, and Dwight Powell. Oh wait, I already said superstar.

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