Wayne Ellington 25 Points/7 Threes Full Highlights (3/28/2019)

I still can’t even begin to understand the thought process behind the Heat blatantly underutilizing and then trading (for scraps [Ryan Anderson]) Wayne Ellington. Don’t even get me started on the Suns then waiving him. At least that kind of makes sense, since they are tanking and don’t want a good player like Ellington messing up their tank, but the Heat? The Heat are in the midst of a tight playoff race and just between you and me, they kinda suck at making a good amount of threes. Ellington solves that problem, he solved that problem for them last year and broke a whole bunch of records while doing so. And they just bench him for no reason, and don’t talk to me about defense, that is NOT a valid reason to bench your best and basically only (since they got rid of Luke Babbitt) shooter.

Well, now the Pistons are laughing all the way to the ‘offs, because they have Ellington now after picking him up off the scrap heap and are using him properly while winning games. It’s not like it’s even that hard to use him properly. Just have him run around screens for a bit and eventually he’ll get open enough to shoot a three. Even Dwayne Casey can utilize someone like that, and I remain unconvinced of his capabilities as a real NBA coach.

I lost track of how many points Ellington scored in the third quarter of this game. All I know is, it was a lot. And it came in chunks, but not just any chunks, DEMORALIZING chunks. The kind of chunks where you need to call a timeout because of how chunked up things are getting.

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