Dwight Powell 25 Points Full Highlights (4/3/2019)

The lob connection between Dwight Powell and Luka Doncic grows stronger by the game. Doncic hasn’t quite mastered the art of putting the ball where Powell can really reach back and slam it hard, preferring to leave it right next to the rim (probably practiced too much with Dirk) so that anyone could dunk it. But it’s still way better than at the beginning of the season, where Doncic hadn’t figured out how to unlock Powell’s alley-oopage and the bulk of the burden rested on J.J. Barea to make Powell into a lob-catching beast.

Note: I am still waiting for the Cuban-promised Doncic-to-Dirk lobs. There is not much time left.

We got a few Powell lobs in this game (including one of the rare Dirk-to-Powell variety), but where he was really killing the Timberwolves in this game was and-ones. I lost track after the third and I have no idea how many he actually finished with. The boxscore says he made 8 of 9 shots (the missing being a three, I’m not sure if I believe he can really shoot those), so that’s an upper limit of 8 and-ones. It certainly feels like that many, watching the video.

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