Kevin Knox 21 Points Full Highlights (4/3/2019)

The New York Knicks’ season is drawing to a close. I would say “it was fun”, but that would be lie, because it wasn’t. Maybe some parts of it were fun, maybe even whole games of it were fun, but as a whole? Not fun. Last time I checked, James Dolan is still the owner, and while I don’t have any personal beef with him, his continued presence has a serious fun-dampening affect.

Among the many not-fun aspects of the season: Kevin Knox being a chucker who seemingly can’t do anything else. Knicks fans, I urge you to have some patience. I know you, out of all people, know best about how Knox has looked on a nightly basis, but remember this maxim: if you want to make a lot of shots, you have to take a lot of shots. MJ didn’t get to be MJ by not taking shots.

Don’t be surprised if Knox is one of those players who randomly figures it out in their sophomore season to become good. All the signs point to that not happening, but the fact remains that he has an NBA body capable of taking NBA shots. All he needs is for those shots to start going in more often than they go out and we’ll be good. And if that doesn’t happen, at least the Knicks have a dollar-store version of Andrew Wiggins on a cheap deal. Way better than having the dollar-store version of Andrew Wiggins’ potential on a mammoth deal like the Timberwolves have.

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