Wayne Ellington 24 Points Full Highlights (4/3/2019)

Okay, now maybe the Pistons are relying on Wayne Ellington a little too much. He’s had 5 games out of his 10 above 20 points, shouldn’t some of the other Pistons “shooters” be stepping up so he doesn’t have to shoot a million threes per game? He’s, like, almost the third option right now. When you sign a guy off the trash heap like Detroit did with him, it says something about your team if you immediately force him into a huge role.

Not that I’m really complaining or anything. Ellington deserves this role because of how severely he was getting marginalized in Miami (which still makes NO sense to me but I’m slowly getting over it). He deserves to get to shoot all the threes that he wants. I guess I’m more criticizing the Pistons’ roster construction for being so lacking in deep threats that some random dude they found huddling in a Phoenix-area dumpster is now their main weapon from out there.

Blake Griffin has made the most threes for them this season. That’s all that needs to be said. A guy that spent most of his early career happily dunking everything in sight and sometimes taking long twos. Ellington is already 6th on the team in total makes, passing Stanley Johnson (LMAO). I bet they thought Glenn Robinson was going to make some.

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