Henry Ellenson 16 Points Full Highlights (4/5/2019)

In this game, Henry Ellenson showed an unexpected inclination to grab the rebound at one end and go coast-to-coast with it. What we see in this video are the times when this venture was successful (it ended in either a made shot or a foul), but there may have been other instances of this during the game that don’t show up here. However many times it happened is irrelevant; what IS relevant is that we can now state with confidence that Ellenson possesses at least some dribbling ability, and he looks better dribbling the ball up the court than many centers.

Honestly, I’m thinking that Ellenson just wanted to make sure he was getting touches. The easiest way to make sure that you’re the one using up a possession is to get the ball after the defensive possession and never relinquish it. If you don’t pass or turn it over, you’re guaranteed to at least have a chance of making a shot. The same can’t be said if you’re relying on your teammates to pass you the ball. They could just decide not to.

Since the Knicks already tried starting a non-point-guard at the point-guard position (Mario Hezonja), next game they should totally try it with Henry Ellenson. I’m sure he would suck at it, but at least he would get to dictate the flow of the game by repeatedly calling his own number.

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