Guerschon Yabusele 13 Points/3 Threes Full Highlights (4/9/2019)

Damn, Guerschon Yabusele highlights AND Semi Ojeleye highlights on the same night? We are living in absolutely the second-best possible timeline out of all the near-infinite timelines that are currently branching like an ever-growing tree. The only way this could be better is if we still had the Yabusele/Ojeleye highlights but ALSO had highlights of Robert Williams. I didn’t get to make a video of that dude this year, despite his propensity for highlight-worthy plays, and that makes me upset.

But Yabusele is a nice consolation prize. Proud owner of the second biggest booty in the league (after Kyle Lowry), he doesn’t really have the appearance of a good NBA player. Maybe that’s because he isn’t yet a good NBA player. We’re making progress, though. He did have a 16-point game in his rookie season, but this is second-highest total of his career, acquired solely because he decided it was a good night to hit some threes.

Just saying, if I had more junk in the trunk than any of my opponents, I’d be backing into them like Shaq and just dunking it. Or, if I was too flat-footed to dunk, I’d lay it up. Either way, it would be two points. Sadly, in real life, I’m usually the skinniest guy on the court and if I even dared to venture into the paint I would probably die.

Oh yeah, and this might be it for this night of games. There’s more stuff I’d do if I had time. But I don’t. Sorry Tomas Satoransky fans, among other fans. You are not forgotten. Just ignored.

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