Jemerrio Jones 11 Points/2 Blocks Full Highlights (4/9/2019)

Real fans of scrubs will have undoubtedly made the connection that I’m about to make, but, for the benefit of the casual NBA fan who might have accidentally wandered into this video while looking for videos about Kobe Bryant, I will repeat it: Jemerrio Jones reminds me of Jamario Moon.

Never mind that their play styles might not be similar at all. Never mind that there’s not enough footage on either player to make a reasonable comparison between them. Never mind that Moon was known as an explosive leaper, and that Jones hasn’t yet shown the ability to jump out of the gym. Their connection is based mostly on their name, but also on the fact that they’re low-scoring wings who are (or were) barely in the NBA.

That’s about the most insightful thing I have to say about Jones, and it’s not very insightful at all. When a guy has only been in the league for six games, it’s hard for me to pull together enough material for an entire full-length video description. Basketball-reference seems to be having the same problem I am, as they have no college data and no contract data for Jones at all. A true man of mystery. Maybe Lakers fans can pin their hopes on him since they’ve almost run out of things to be happy about.

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