Boban Marjanovic 16 Points Full Highlights (4/15/2019)

Boban Marjanovic just demonstrated to Jarrett Allen why you can’t give Marjanovic any space when he’s got the ball: he’ll just shoot a midrange jumper (after making sure for five seconds that nobody’s going to come defend him first). We’ve known since his rookie season with the Spurs that Boban has some midrange shooting ability, and he’s recently extended that range into a decent three-point shot, so this shouldn’t even come as a surprise.

In the event that this performance from Boban enters NBA Playoff lore (as it should), I have come up with some names for what it can be called. Just like the Flu Game, this is the kind of event that needs to be remembered.

-Jumper clinic
-Jumper party
-Midrange massacre
-Boban Midrangeovic
-Serb shooting showcase

I have done my part in enshrining this game into the NBA fandom’s collective memory bank. I made the video. Now it is up to other people who support the Boban cause to ensure that people see this video. That includes sharing it on Facebook, sending the link via email to your entire email contacts list, burning it to DVD and mailing it to your grandma and grandpa who live in a remote part of Serbia, faxing a binary representation of it to the leaders of every first-world country, and using high-powered radios to beam it via radio to aliens in other galaxies. If you’re not doing all those things, you’re not worthy of being called a Boban Fan. A true Bobfan would do all those things not because they’re easy, but because they’re the right things to do.

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