Derrick White 17 Points Full Highlights (4/16/2019)

The Spurs need to do something about their “Derrick White is our best player” problem. I’m not complaining, because I think White is great and it’s cool to see him be the best player on the team despite not having any real experience to speak of, but I can’t imagine it’s a recipe for playoff success.

Some people might disagree with the assertion that White is the Spurs’ best player. Those people can be ignored, because they are not watching the Spurs, and their wrong opinions are based only on gaudy counting stats. What, you think DeMar DeFrozen is better, the king of playoff disappearing acts and possessor of notoriously bad impact stats? Or LaFartus Fartridge, currently channeling Nicolas Batum and going on a ball-punching spree? Don’t even talk to me about Rudy Gay, who is, at this very moment, banning box-scores from the Spurs locker room. All those dudes are serious flawed. Meanwhile, White’s main flaws are that he looks like Bert from Sesame Street and he defers too much to inferior teammates.

Personally if I were Gregg Popovich, I would try to solve the “Derrick White is our best player” problem by turning Donatas Motiejunas into the best player on the team. The Spurs’ backs aren’t against the wall yet, as they head to San Antonio with the series even, but one more loss should trigger drastic measures. They have only one chance to get things right, and I’m just feeling like Captain Hook would be a perfect first banana while White can slide back into his more natural second banana role.

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