Pascal Siakam 19 Points Full Highlights (4/16/2019)

19 points wouldn’t normally qualify Pascal “Pascal’s Wager” Siakam for a highlight video (at least from me, who knows what abhorrent lack of standards other highlight-compilers possess). I thought long and hard about whether to make this video or not, and then I decided that since he’s only going to be on my channel for a few more games at most, I’d better take advantage of the remaining time I have with him.

There’s no doubt that he’s going to win the MIP Improved Player award. D’Angelo Russell is great (so great that he already graduated magna cum laude from DTB University), but he was always supposed to be good. Siakam wasn’t. I’d seen a lot of him in his first few years, and I still can’t believe where he is now. And I know a lot of other people, especially the NBA voter type of people, feel the same way.

And once he wins that award, that’s it. No more Siakam here, you’ll have to scrounge around other places for a clip or two of him doing spin moves on baffled defenders. I could maybe justify his inclusion on my channel for another year, but why? He’s too good. He’s way too good. That’s just the truth of it. Maybe I can replace him with Marc Gasol or something, I think I jumped the gun on removing that guy, does he ever score any points at all anymore?

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