Enes Kanter 19 Points Full Highlights (4/19/2019)

Portland’s over-reliance on their two midget chuckers (Damian Lillard and CJ McCollum, Gary Trent is a midget chucker but they aren’t reliant on him) is going to get them into trouble in these playoffs, mark my words. Maybe it already had gotten them in trouble, with this loss. Aside from that height-challenged duo of shooting shots, the only other guy who can even think about getting buckets is Enes Kanter. He’s their third-best scorer so far in the first three games, and it’s not close, he’s way ahead of all the other offensive non-factors on the roster. Mo Harkless is opportunistic with his buckets, aside from that fluky performance he had at the end of the season. Al-Farouq Aminu can maybe hit some threes, but not at a high enough volume to be relied on. Rodney Hood? More like Rodney NotGood. And everyone else isn’t getting the minutes. Where’s Jake Layman anyway? Or Skal Labissiere? If the Blazers want buckets, they need to look at that guy.

As long as the Blazers are in the playoffs, I expect to keep making vids for Kanter basically every game. Lillard and McCollum, as much as Stotts would enjoy it, can’t make literally every shot for their team. Buckets have to come from other places. Even if those other places are the paint, and the bucket-getter is Kanter putting in another off a rebound on deep miss from one of the chuck bros.

Speaking of “bros”, I didn’t realize until now how much I missed the “Stache Bros” tandem of Kanter and Steven Adams. Kanter doesn’t even have a moustache anymore, which is symbolic, I think. That part of his career is over, the part where he had the best bromance in the league featuring funny accents and Middle Eastern food.

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