Rudy Gay 19 Points Full Highlights (4/25/2019)

It’s time for a confession: while watching this game live, if Rudy Gay was in the game, I was spending that entire time quoting parts from that YouTube video where the Toronto fan is freaking out about Gay hitting a game winner. I was doing it all, and in the same Toronto accent. Yelling “No, no, no, not this guy!” and “No, it’s Rudy Gay! whenever he got the ball, doing the de-fense chant, screaming in agony whenever he made a shot, and finishing up with “Yoooooou fucking asshole!” and “Fucking Rudy Gay man”.

Sidenote: normally I don’t use the bad words in these descriptions, but it’s a direct quote, so I’m good.

That video is one of the greatest cultural artifacts that humanity has produced in the last century, I am convinced. I’m sure my incessant reenactment of it would’ve angered anyone watching with me, but I usually watch games by myself now. I just can’t deal with the casuals and their horrible opinions. I tried going to my local Buffalo Wild Wings (note: anyone who unironically calls it “B-Dubs” deserves nothing less than execution by firing squad) to watch a game last year, and man, those other dudes at the bar had some horrible takes. Like, I have some horrible takes, but at least mine are from watching the games. These guys were just making up crap and spewing it all over the place.

No, the only person who had to endure my “commentary” was my tubby little kitty, Japurri Purrker. And no, I can’t rename him now that Jabari Parker isn’t on the Bucks anymore.

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