Serge Ibaka 20 Points Full Highlights (6/7/2019)

One of the main things that Serge Ibaka brings to the table in this series against the Warriors is bigness. He’s just a big dude at the power forward position, and the Warriors have very few big dudes to match up with him. Not only that, but the Warriors’ bigs are usually playing center because of the team’s overall lack of bigness, which leaves some overmatched manlet left to defend Ibaka. An overmatched manlet like Draymond Green, for example. As you can see in this video, he stands no chance against the Ibaka Gaijin.

Speaking of bigness, do yourself a favor and don’t type “Serge Ibaka sweatpants” into Google image search. Unless you’re into the whole emasculation thing. Then go ahead and type it. I made the mistake of doing that search and I haven’t gotten out of bed for four whole days. My kitty Japurri Purrker has to bring me Pop Tarts so I don’t starve to death. Luckily, I have a laptop with an external GPU and 64 GB of RAM so I can edit highlights pretty well on this thing. It’s perfect for when I’m in a depressive funk that shows no signs of abating.

Anyway, we’re not talking about my own lack of…”adequacy”…here. We’re talking about Ibaka and his astounding amounts of…”adequacy”. We got the whole Ibaka experience this game, with blocks, rebounds, dunks, three-pointers, and, of course, some excessively wet midrange jimbos. He doesn’t necessarily do this every night, but the Raptors have enough high-end role-players that you can expect at least one of them to go off in any given game. Meanwhile, the Warriors don’t have any high-end role-players except for Andre Iguodala, who is totally decrepit, and Klay Thompson. I thought the conventional wisdom was that depth doesn’t win championships, but look what’s happening. The Raptors are deep and they’re one game away from winning the god damn championship. What.

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