Serge Ibaka 15 Points Full Highlights (6/10/2019)

There are many talking points that I could bring up in this description. Among them:

-Kevin Durant’s Achilles injury
-Raptors fans’ response to Kevin Durant’s Achilles injury
-Serge Ibaka’s role in the play where Kevin Durant injured his Achilles
-The Warriors now having an outside chance to win this series
-The fact that Warriors fans deserve nothing but pain
-The New York Knicks

But I won’t talk about any of those things because this is a Serge Ibaka highlight video, not a freeform blog post where I can discuss anything I want (although that hasn’t stopped me in the past). So, what to say about Ibaka?

Well, he has two intact Achilles tendons, to start. That helps his mobility on the court and enables him to challenge a lot of shots. He also looks very good, almost too good, wearing sweatpants (you can Google this to confirm). He has been one of the Raptors’ most consistent role-players in this series; in my opinion, only Jodie Meeks has been more consistent with his play. Ibaka’s combination of shot-blocking and scoring is rare out of the power forward position and one could argue that the Raptors aren’t taking full advantage of his talents.

The plan for game six? Have Ibaka spam midrange jumpers while also getting a triple-double with ten blocks. It’s easy to just type it out like that, but ten blocks isn’t even that many when you’re tall and athletic like Ibaka is.

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