Joe Harris All 183 Three-Pointers Full Highlights (2018-19 Season Three-ilation)

When I rewatch this video, I get happy, but then I also get sad a little bit. Actually, I get sad a lot bit. It’s not the video’s fault. Just want to make that clear. If you’re thinking “gee I kinda wanted to see Joe Harris hit a bunch of threes but if it’s gonna make me sad then I’ll just find another video to watch” then stop thinking that.

Because for real, just by itself, taken without context, this video is a blast and a half. Strictly from an aesthetic point of view, this is one of my best three-ilations ever. Not least because of the DENSITY of the threes on display. There’s no time wasted here. No frames that feature nonessential on-court action. Do we need to see a whole half-second of the ball flopping around after going through the net? Do we need to see plays being run leading to Harris hitting the threes? Do we need to see interminably long passes meandering carefully through the air on their way to Harris’ baby-soft but also firm and adroit hands? No, no, and, uh, no. 183 threes (note that I didn’t include his 4 playoff threes, let’s just forget about those), slammed in about 9 minutes of video, I can’t think of a better way to spend a third of my lunch break than by watching this video.

But, naturally, when I see this, I can’t help but think of how much fun this last Nets season was. A ragtag group of unwanteds, castoffs, and greenhorns coalescing into more than the sum of their parts. D’Angelo Russell making an All-Star team. Harris winning the three-point shootout. Jarrett Allen having the best fro in the league. Jared Dudley getting feisty with the 76ers. IN THE PLAYOFFS. Yeah, playoffs. Who would’ve thought? It’s one thing for a random assemblage of iffy talent to have fun and build camaraderie while losing a ton of games. These dudes did that while winning enough games to make the ‘OFFS. Harris’ league-leading three-point shooting was just one entertaining aspect of a wholly entertaining season.

And once I’m done thinking about all the fun that was had, I get to thinking about how all that built-up goodwill and chemistry is going to be ruined (and perhaps has already been ruined) by the Prima Donna tag-team of Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant. Just like that, BOOM, the whole timbre of the team has changed. One day, we’ve got an overachieving bunch of ballers who love playing with each other (I weep for the loss of the synchronized bench dances), the next, we’ve got Durant, who just got done ruining the nigh-unruinable Warriors dynasty, and Irving, whose acquisition by Boston blew up so bad that… wow, poor choice of words there. My bad. Anyway, it didn’t work out, at all, and Nets fans are supposed to be excited to get the guy that quit on his team in the ‘offs after acting weird all season? I can’t speak for Nets fans on this, but if I were them, I’d want the old squad back. Maybe re-add Brook Lopez. I look at the current Brooklyn roster and I don’t see the same team anymore. What’s DeAndre Jordan doing there? NBA roster turnover seems to be only accelerating, and as I get older, it only makes me more confused. I bet I can find a quote where Russell says he wants to spend the rest of his career with the Nets. God damn it.

That’s the thing about this video that makes me sad. It happens with every Nets video I made this season, actually. Formerly happy videos, videos containing nothing but good vibes, all tainted by the selfish actions of one Levin Lurant and one Lyrie Lirving. It’s true that they cannot take away all the good memories and fun times, but they can sure make those memories all the more bittersweet.

I might be getting overly sentimental for a team I don’t even support. And realistically, teams that overperform in the way the Nets did last year don’t generally keep the upward trajectory going for anywhere near long enough to even sniff a title. So getting some legit superstar talent, even if defective either mentally (Irving) or physically (Durant), is a surer path to contention than hoping your goofball troupe outchemistries everyone else. But still. Could’ve AT LEAST kept Alan Williams.

I hope, if you only wanted to watch Harris hit a whole bunch of triples in very quick succession, that you just ignored all the crap that I just wrote. Don’t be like me, yearning for a time long past that can never be again. Just watch the threes, and look forward to a season where he might hit as many or even more. All the roster turnover in the world can’t stop Joey Buckets from getting his buckets all over the place.

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