Mitchell Robinson 17 Points/5 Dunks/3 Blocks Full Highlights (10/26/2019)

When it comes to Mitchell Robinson and player development, are Knicks fans even hoping that he adds additional facets to his game, or are they only hoping for improvement in the facets he already possesses? Right now, he’s pretty good at dunking, rebounding and blocking shots (and fouling), but he doesn’t do much else. He’s not a passer and he doesn’t have a scoring game once you take him away from the rim.

To be sure, a lot of “scoring-challenged” centers have gotten huge paydays for being ultra-efficient dunk machines and ultra-formidable rim protectors. Robinson definitely fits that mold very well. I’m just wondering if there’s any lingering hope that he turns into more than that, or if everybody’s pretty much resigned to the fact that this is who he’s going to be for his entire career, and if you want scoring from your frontcourt, you’ll have to pair him with a player like Kristaps Porzingis.

Personally, I would volunteer to be his shooting coach, since my rates are reasonable and I can sometimes make up to seven three-pointers in a row at the gym if somebody is passing me the ball. However, my schedule is busy with highlight videos and I don’t really have the time necessary to devote to teaching Robinson basic shooting mechanics. Plus, if Robinson copied my shooting form, it would look funny and everybody would make fun of him. Maybe it’s better for now if he just catches lobs. My availability will change during the off-season if anybody in his camp/posse/entourage/inner circle wants to reach out to me.

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