Ben McLemore 14 Points Full Highlights (11/3/2019)

It hasn’t been as long as you think since Ben McLemore did anything notable on an NBA basketball court; he somehow managed a 20-point game last season. This despite only appearing in 19 games and only making 25 shots the whole year. Given those circumstances, that 20-point outburst was probably the least likely performance of the season. So if you were sitting there thinking that McLemore is totally worthless dumpster juice, you’re probably right, but he had at least a brief moment where he wasn’t.

The Rockets’ unheralded decision to sign him to a multi-year (????? turns out the second year isn’t guaranteed but still ???????) deal is looking prescient now that Gerald Green is out for an extended period. McLemore can be like a Gerald Green type: shoot a bunch of quick-release threes, and dunk it when the defense gets fooled into allowing you enough space to dunk it.

It looks like the three-point shooting part of that was already in place, because before tonight he was shooting almost 10 of them per 36. This is in contrast to his 0.0 two-point shots per 36. That 0.0 will go up a bit due to a dunk he made tonight, so now we have the full Gerald Green experience. Kings, it’s not too late to re-trade for this guy again. You might only have to give up Trevor Ariza, who the Rockets probably still want really badly even though he’s totally washed.

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