Boban Marjanovic 12 Points Full Highlights (11/3/2019)

It pains me to have such low standards for what constitutes a performance deserving a highlight video, but the teams who keep acquiring Boban Marjanovic leave me no choice. How many teams in a row is it now where he’s been marginalized to heck and back and then back to heck for a second time? There hasn’t been a single team who has had the BIG COJONES to consistently give Marjanovic the minutes and touches he really deserves.

A quick analysis of those teams reveals a thing they all have in common: they were all actively trying to win games. I’m not saying that Marjanovic is a losing player or anything, because he’s not, but it becomes a whole lot easier to do whatever you want with rotations when you don’t have to really worry about actually winning games.

This is only Marjanovic’s second game of the season. That’s just messed up. This guy is a walking, living, breathing bucket, and he can’t even get on the court for the team in the league who loves Euros the most. Until tonight, I had to just imagine the chemistry he has with Luka Doncic, instead of getting to see it on a regular basis.

How can a pick-and-roll with Doncic and Marjanovic even go wrong? That’s a successful play one-hundred percent of the time. No way defenses can handle all the stuff that can result from such a simple action.

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