Chris Clemons 16 Points Rockets Debut Full Highlights (11/3/2019)

First off, I want to state how impressed I am with Chris Clemons’ second career game action being a legit block. Dudes who are 5-foot-9, like Clemons is, don’t usually get rejections as emphatic as his was. Most of the time, you’re not surprised when they go a whole season while only getting 1 or 2 “fake” blocks which are really more like strips than anything. Meanwhile, Clemons’ blocks per 36 are probably through the roof right now, challenging the league leaders in the stat.

For reference, Clemons’ first career game action was him trying to sterilize Kelly Olynyk with his elbow. I don’t think it worked.

If my memory serves me correctly, Clemons was the leading NCAA Div I scorer last year. Out of all the players who played, who knows how many, like a thousand????, he was the one who scored the most. That’s pretty good for a midget! Lots of times that sort of college scoring success doesn’t translate to the NBA at all (I’m still wondering where Erick Green went), but at least this guy made the league. That’s an accomplishment for a guy coming out of a school like Campbell. Extra DownToBuck credits can be earned if you can name the other NBA player out of that school. Remember, DownToBuck credits can be redeemed for DownToBuck tokens, which can be redeemed for nothing.

I like what I see so far from Clemons, which is mostly just some really high-arcing threes. Those things go WAY up there. Landry Shamet may see them and shake his head in disgust, but I love the ones that disappear off the screen. Dirk Nowitzki sees Shamet shaking his head, walks over to him, punches him in the face, and puts Clemons on his shoulders so that Clemons can actually dunk for once in his life.

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