Wendell Carter 20 Points Full Highlights (11/3/2019)

Wendell Carter needs to do more to raise his profile on the national level. He was making decent progress his rookie season, but all that got reset once he got injured and disappeared from public consciousness for several months. Because right now, I’m looking around, I’m searching the deepest crevices and crannies of the internet, and I’m only finding scattered fragments of hype for him. Bulls fans appreciate him, but I bet the average NBA fan couldn’t name a single rookie from last year’s Bulls’ team. Can you?

Carter does not count as an answer for this quiz. You thought you were being clever, weren’t you, answering with the name of the player that this video represents. You weren’t being clever. You were being stupid, and you were being annoying.

There are many actions an NBA player can take to get themselves more media attention. Good or bad. Too many to list here, but I think the easiest one for him to achieve is to go to Spain, find Nikola Mirotic, and punch him. That might even make international sports headlines, and then everyone would start thinking “wow, this Carter dude may have bunched out Mirotic, but he can actually play!”. Sometimes you just need a big event like that to get the conversation started.

Alteratively, and this one is a lot harder, but he could try shooting lots and lots of threes like he’s Brook Lopez or something.

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