Ja Morant 23 Points/6 Assists Full Highlights (11/4/2019)

Ja Morant is averaging the most points among 2019 draftees. Ja Morant is averaging the most assists among 2019 draftees. Do we even need to play the rest of the season, or can we just give Morant the ROTY of the Year award right now? I’m voting in favor of not playing the rest of the season. Giannis can have another MVP, I’ll let the Bucks have the championship, DPOY of the Year can be Isaiah Thomas, and Morant can have his ROTY of the Year award. If you guys really want to watch some basketball, I hear the G-League will still be going on.

Advanced stats may not like Morant as some of the other rookies, but the thing with advanced stats is that they are called “advanced” because the people who created them know they’re totally misleading and wrong but want to give them an air of validity by assigning a fancy-sounding name to them. That’s all it is. No one who really hoops cares how many PERs they have per possession or whatever. They care about two things: buckets, and buckets.

Morant is already in the position of being better than all his teammates (as Brevin Knight so kindly pointed out in a roundabout way at the end of this vid), so I don’t see why he won’t keep pushing his PPG per game to 20-ish. He might not know it yet, but as the year goes on, he’ll starting noticing how he keeps making tons of shots but his teammates keep bricking, and his usage will go up accordingly. 20 is a talismanic number for me, apparently; I can’t stop talking about how cool it would be for whatever random player to hit that mark. 20 separates the men from the boys, the muscly hunks of beefcake from the emasculated feminine pansies.

Also, I didn’t show the clip of Morant almost killing himself on a poster dunk attempt, because it was kind of disturbing. Luckily his young knees are capable of bending in ways that older knees can only imagine. I did, however, show the clip of him dunking on PJ Tucker and then rubbing his funky nut sweat all over the back of Tucker’s head.

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