Dillon Brooks 31 Points Full Highlights (11/6/2019)

I am currently very upset over an injustice that just happened to me at McDonald’s involving coupons and a VERY rude drive-thru attendant. I chose the thumbnail image for this video because it accurately portrays what my face looked like while I was screaming. Have the never heard about “the customer is always right”? Don’t come at me with BS stuff about how the guy who first said the quote meant it in a totally different way. I don’t care what some old dead dude thinks. I care only about what I think it means, and it means that McDonald’s better damn well take my god-damn coupons.

But I will try and put aside my anger and appreciate this performance by Dillon Brooks, who probably honors ANY and ALL coupons because of how much he respects the customer. Basically, he was the reason the Grizzlies won their first decisive game of the season. Instead of taking a bunch of swaggy midrange jimbos, which are just not a great shot for him, he took a bunch of swaggy threes. Probably not much of a better shot, but when they do go in, his team gets a whole point more, and a bunch of them went in tonight. I’ve always said that the path to 30-burgers is clear, wide, and free of major obstacles. The only thing you have to do is shoot a bunch of threes, have them go in mostly, and then pad them out with a few miscellaneous buckets and some free throws. Boom! All you need for 30 points, guaranteed. If you’re James Harden, just skip the first two steps and go straight to the free throws.

I wish I had more to say about Brooks’ performance, because it was really nice and one of the best of his career, but I am still seriously peeved at the way I was humiliated and embarrassed at McDonald’s. It’s not like I was even crying that much. I was only crying a little bit, and only because of the way I was being treated. All I know is I’m not going back there until I have assurance from the manager that the offending employees are fired.

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