Luke Kennard 29 Points Full Highlights (11/8/2019)

Sometimes, fate smiles on me. Not often, but sometimes.

Right now, the Bucks are getting destroyed by the Mike Conley (who I thought was supposed to suck wtf) and the rest of the Jazz, but I don’t even have to get mad while watching it, because I get to make sick highlights of Luke Kennard scoring 29 smooth points. Other Bucks fans are not so lucky. They have to sit and watch Eric Bledsoe jack threes early in the shot-clock among other atrocities. It’s still possible that the Bucks win and I miss out on the endorphin rush of a comeback win, but that’s okay, because every sports fan knows that the thrill of victory does not even come close to comparing to the agony of defeat.

The Pistons lost this game, and I’m sure their fans are a little ticked off right now (as well as wondering why they’ve had to play the Pacers so many times already this season), but I don’t have to worry about that either. All I have to care about right now is Kennard and his unstoppable jumper. Did T.J. McConnell even want to try and play defense? What about Malcolm Brogdon? No? Perhaps they were playing defense but since Kennard is so dominant that it was hard to tell.

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