Anfernee Simons 20 Points Full Highlights (11/10/2019)

Let me tell you, Anfernee Simons’ three-pointer as time expired to potentially give the Blazers the win looked really good from my angle. Really good. Pretty much perfect, actually. Are we sure it didn’t actually go in and the NBA is just trying to fool us by saying it missed? Video-editing technology is very advanced, I bet they could edit out a make on the fly if it benefited the league.

For now, I’ll go with the official line that Simons missed the shot and the game went into overtime. But if the L2M report comes out and it says that he actually made the shot, I’m going to be peeved. Especially because I’ll have to take down this video (and its 572 associated views) to replace it with an updated version. That’s a lot of work.

It didn’t end up mattering really, because Kent Bazemore hit some threes early in overtime (an overtime where Simons barely played, dammit) to pretty much seal the deal and the Blazers won anyway. But there’s nothing better for raising the profile of a promising young scorer than a legit game-winning buzzer-beater. Those are the types of shots that even casuals find out about (I should know, because back when I was a casual I loved watching buzzer-beaters), and casuals are the people you have to connect to if you want to make the real bucks. Courting DownToBuck viewers is not going to cut it, especially because that particular demographic is so stingy.

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