Dzanan Musa 12 Points Full Highlights (11/10/2019)

Yeah, I know, 12 points isn’t very many, but I felt like if I wanted to ever have a Dzanan Musa highlight video adorning my channel, I had to lower my standards a bit. And it’s not like I even lowered them that much, obviously, I have different standards for every player, and they’re going to be way different for a player whose previous career-high was 4.

Musa hasn’t been exactly setting the world on fire (either metaphorically because he’s not that good at basketball or literally because he’s not a pyromaniac), so when I saw he had 12 in this game, I was freaking out. That triples his career-high coming in, and I don’t think I need any more justification for this video. You’d definitely be excited for a highlight vid of Corey Brewer scoring 153, so there’s no reason not to be just as excited for this one. I know I am.

The quality of the buckets herein leaves something to be desired, especially since one of them is a goaltend. That dampens my enthusiasm a bit, but then I remember that this is a HIGHLIGHT VIDEO of Dzanan Musa, a thing I had previously not thought possible. Mirza Teletovic is somewhere out there, smiling, happy that there is a new Bosnian proudly flying the flag for the Brooklyn Nets.

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