Terence Davis 13 Points Full Highlights (11/10/2019)

Sorry Raptors fans, but while I was pondering the question of who the best undrafted rookie is in the NBA this year, debating between Terence Davis and Matt Thomas, I realized I forgot about Kendrick Nunn who wins in a landslide. I really wanted to give the Raptors organization some props for finding playable players outside of the draft, but the Heat just do it better. They got Nunn, and they also got Chris Silva who is a beast as well.

Time well tell, though. It’ll be hard to catch Nunn this season, but there’s a good chance that Thomas turns into the next Jason Kapono (okay, that’s a lie, there will never be a next Jason Kapono), and Davis… I actually can’t come up with a comp for Davis. There’s probably one somewhere that’s really good but it’s just not happening for me right now. Raptors fans probably have tons of them. They’ve already seen enough of Davis to know that he’s the next Harden (with bonus hops) or something.

The Raptors won this game based on the strength of their role-players, Davis included. Who needs Kyle Lowry? Who needs Marc Gasol to score more than 2 points in 33 minutes? Just have Pascal Siakam (diamond in the rough) and Fred VanVleet (diamond in the rough) lead the way with a whole bunch of total nobodies following in their wake. Given the Raptors’ proven track record of developing marginal talent, maybe that Harden comp for Davis isn’t so far off.

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