Frank Kaminsky 19 Points Full Highlights (11/14/2019)

Okay, Suns fans. You can stop hating on Frank Kaminsky now that he’s had two good games in a row, an amount of games which OFFICIALLY breaks him out of the extended slump he was in. No longer do your rude nicknames like “Frank the Clank” and “Frank the Stank” have any relevance. The new nicknames you must use: “Frank the Dank”; “Frank the Bank” (because he’s money); and “Frank the Tank” (not because he’s helping your team tank, but because he’s sturdy and unstoppable like a military tank).

Since Kaminsky has OFFICIALLY emerged from the slump which made him a mostly useless basketball player, he is OFFICIALLY allowed to “fan himself off” after three-pointers. Either that or he’s “fanning the flames”. Whatever the intent of his hand gesture is, he’s allowed to use it now because he is hot. Or at least warm. Warmer than he had been. Usually I’ll require a player to be a more distinguished three-point shooter before they get to have their own post-three celebration, but I’ll let this one slide for now. Sort of like how Brandon Jennings used to do the three goggles even though he wasn’t even a good three-point shooter.

The only downside of Kaminsky playing well is that it seems to have sapped Aron Baynes’ power; the Big Baynger went 1-of-5 in this game and was generally as useless as Kaminsky had been during his slump. If there is indeed some kind of of mystical occult requirement for only one of them to be good at a time, I hope they figure out a good sharing system so that neither one of them draws too much ire from the Suns fanbase.

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