Rodney McGruder 20 Points Full Highlights (11/14/2019)

Prior to tonight’s outburst, Rodney McGruder was averaging one (1) point per game over 7 contests. And it wasn’t just a total lack of minutes that led to that depressing average; his per-36 scoring was only 2.8. That’s ridiculously low for anyone with any amount of minutes. That’s DeSagana Diop territory, the problem is that McGruder was signed for his shooting/scoring ability. It took him six games to even find the basket, and his first made shot was sarcastically cheered all throughout Clipperdom. Maybe there were even a few earnest cheers thrown in there as well

With this 20-point performance, McGruder presumably sets a record for “most points above expectation”. He scored 20 times the amount that any reasonable observer could’ve expected from him tonight. To put that in perspective, that’s like Wilt scoring 1000 points in a single game. You thought 100 was good? Feh! You ain’t seen nothing yet.

That fact makes this video must watch YouTube. And if I could somehow convince one of those cable channels to devote an hour-long block to nothing but DownToBuck highlights, it would be must watch TV. Seriously, I don’t know why it’s so hard for one of the cruddier to channels to preempt some of their cruddy programming to show some primo role-player highlights. They won’t even respond to my kindly-worded tweets.

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